4 Best Roof Shingles for Homeowners to Consider in DFW Texas

The weather in DFW Texas can be erratic owing to the vast expanse of the region. Our entire state of Texas is unpredictable and DFW roofing work and shingles often pay the price for the erratic weather patterns our regions experience.

Here, almost every kind of weather condition is prevalent, be it cold fronts or sub-tropical weather. The region along the Pecos river experiences the driest spell. On the other hand, southeast is the wettest. Apart from these, extreme weather conditions may also include thunderstorms, blizzards, droughts, tornadoes, and hail, among others.

It is understandable in this regard that houses located in this state should be constructed and maintained in such a manner that they can withstand these varied and extreme weather patterns in Texas. Among other aspects, the roof of a house is, perhaps, the most crucial with shingles forming an essential component.

What Are Roof Shingles?

Roof shingles include a series of separate overlapping components which are laid on the roof in a specific sequence. It may be laid together in courses or in rows. These shingles are laid starting from the bottom of the edge, with each joint or seam subsequently overlapped by another shingle that continues further up.

DFW Roofing Shingles

Roof Shingle Options For Your DFW Roof

While the main purpose of having roof shingles on your DFW home is to extend a barrier for repelling snow, water and ice, it also serves other purposes such as utility, aesthetics and longevity of the house. With that in mind, here are 4 types of shingles that are best suited for homes in Texas:

1. Asphalt

Asphalt roof shingles are most commonly used, not just in Texas but in most houses in North America. It primarily includes a fiberglass mat which is saturated on all sides with asphalt. There is a granular mineral coating on the shingle’s top surface.

The span of asphalt shingles is up to 20 years, and the installation process is fairly quick. These shingles are highly affordable and also come in different types of colours that may seamlessly blend with the design of your home.

In the present day, asphalt roll roofing is mostly installed in residential homes that have a low roof pitch. These also find their use in commercial buildings as well as outbuilding applications. These shingles come mainly in the form of the 3-tab shingle. However, remember that the cost and quality of asphalt roof shingles vary.

2. Metal

It is natural to assume that metal roof is most likely to be noisier with rain or sleet falling on it.

Well, not with these!

For Texas weather, metal shingles may actually be the perfect fit. It is highly durable with the capacity to endure wind, hail and rain much better than other substitutable roofing materials.

Metal shingles come in both copper and aluminum variants. Moreover, these can also absorb heat and sunlight, which may be utilized for regulating the temperature in the house.

There is a common reservation among homeowners that metal shingles may look dull with a single grey shade. Worry not! These come in a range of styles and shades that make them look aesthetically pleasing.

3. Concrete

Concrete roof tiles are a highly affordable option for a new roof in a Texas home. As the name suggests, these are made out of concrete.

These tiles are manufactured by mixing sand, portland cement and water, and subsequently putting the mixture in a mould to let it take the desired thickness and shape. Color is added to these shingles as a coating or in the form of an additive in the mixture.

Concrete shingles are highly durable and strong and able to resist damage arising from wind, fire, heat, hail etc. However, what must be noted in this regard is the considerable weight of these tiles. If concrete shingles are being considered as a roofing material, it will have to be ensured that the support structure and roof decking are able to withstand the load of heavy roof tiles.

These shingles are very effective in keeping the house cool as those take a long time to heat up. Plus, they cool rather quickly afterwards. They are also a good option in terms of lower utility costs. Moreover, concrete roofs are, to a large extent, low maintenance.

They easily take the cake for being cost-effective!

4. Slate

Slate roof tiles gained popularity in the middle of 1800s as a replacement of wooden shingles. These tiles are, in fact, eco-friendly, durable and fireproof. Some of the oldest building structures in the state till date carry the original slate in their roof.

The use of these tiles first grew in places like New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont as these had large slate deposits in the vicinities. Slate tiles create a stone roof that may come in beautiful color variations. Since slate deposits contain different colors of this rock, such combinations may be used to create various designs of a slate roof. However, these days’ you can also opt for a synthetic slate roof, manufactured from multiple artificial materials.

While slate shingles can be little on the expensive side, the investment is worth on all counts. It proffers high longevity and durability as a such a roof may remain good for almost 50 years! Also, since slate is essentially quarried stone, these roofs are a hundred per cent environment-friendly. However, you must note that slate is heavy as concrete. Hence, your home should be able to support its weight.

Other Alternatives For DFW Texas Roof Shingles

Recently, the market has been flooded with other roofing options as well. For instance, rubber shingles have become a viable alternative in roofing materials. It is mainly made from recycled rubber sourced from tires. Similar to other alternatives, this synthetic option is also created in such a way so as to simulate slate tiles, wood shakes, and asphalt shingles.

Basic Things Every DFW Homeowner Should Be Doing For Their Roof

As a homeowner you should take cognizance that proper maintenance is the key to ensure longevity of the roof, irrespective of the kind of shingles used. Apart from engaging professionals, homeowners themselves can adopt a few basic measures like conducting a visual inspection to identify missing shingles, damaged drip edge, piles of granules etc. to avail roof-repair services as soon as required.