Roofing Dallas TX Residents Stand Behind

Residential Roofing Dallas TX can finally stand behind and afford! With our hearth financial options, Dallas TX homeowners can now get their roof replacements and take some of the stress out of the high financial burdens our homes can create for us.

Your roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make on your home. As local roofers in Dallas TX and DFW, we understand the importance of a roof better than anyone. We also know it is not a cheap investment and homeowners in TX need all the assistance they can get. With our financial options, anyone can get their roof payments down to a fraction of the cost and make on time easy payments.

Financial Options For Dallas TX Roofing

With so many other financial burdens we have in life, KM Roofing Services understands how important it is to have a little financial assistance when it comes to your roof. We’ve partnered with Hearth Roofing Financial Program to help homeowners manage their roofing projects without the headaches and pressure of high upfront costs.

Roofing Dallas TX - Hearth Financing Available For Your TX Roof

We’ve broken down the figures to help make a bit more sense of it. Nationally speaking, the average homeowner invests about $8,000 to install their new roof. Most homeowners spend within a range of $5,000 and $11,000. There are certain cities like Denver that are higher than average at $9,000, and others that are below average like Austin, TX at $7,000. The cost breaks down to about 40% for materials and 60% in labor.

When we get into a New Roof Replacement for your Dallas TX home, things can add up. Adding a new roof typically involves replacing the top layer of shingles, as well as the underlying structure. Expect to pay a total between $10,000 and $25,000.

You may receive an initial estimate of only $10,000 when you first discuss the project with the contractor. After closer inspection, the estimate could now go up to $15,000 and $25,000.

You always have to factor in additional issues and problems. Your initial estimate might not factor in the obstacles and issues the contractor might run into during the project. These could be issues with your gutters, chimneys, shingles, ventilation, skylights etc. Every added issue and problem could unexpectadly skyrocket the total cost for the work at hand. There could be a number of issues that increase the cost of the work needed.

These issues could include things like:

  • Leaks throughout sections of the roof
  • Mold issues
  • Leaks in the chimney or skylight flashing
  • Difficulty removing due to previous installation
  • Having to now remove excess layers
  • Pitch Issues
    • Ranch style: Simple, less expensive.
    • Colonial: Has a few slopes but isn’t too hard.
    • Tudor: Has many slopes, eaves and can be problematic, so it’s expensive in comparison to other types.
  • Substrate or deck damage
  • Winter roof damage
  • Gutter damage

Homeowners in Dallas Love KM Service Pro Roofing Experts

We pride ourselves in being community leaders who care about our local residents. Our reputation as one of the premier roofing companies in DFW TX and Dallas TX is something we don’t take lightly. We are honored to serve the local DFW and Dallas communities and provide the highest quality roofing services in Texas at an affordable rate and with affordable options.

Our online reviews speak for themselves and we are beyond thankful for all of the local support we receive in the Dallas and DFW area. Your continued praise and support for our roofing company means the world to us and we thank you for being the best part of our roofing business here in TX. We look forward to being the last roofer Dallas TX needs!

Our satellite offices are located in Dallas TX and DFW Texas. Thank you for choosing us for all your roofing needs.